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Mcloud mobile health platform belongs to Medzone healthcare, which combines mobile internet communication technology and sensor technology deeply, shares the four health related fields of equipment, information, service, application, subverts the traditional model to fulfill new personal health monitoring, management and service.

The Mcloud Mobile Health System

The mcloud mobile health series products combine the mobile internet and new health services, overturns the traditional model of physical examination and preliminary diagnosis by doctors, and is also a modern health gifts to be presented.

The mcloud mobile health system adopts mobile Internet technology and cloud data processing technology to realize acquisition, transmission, storage, statistics, analysis, sending and feedback of the basic physiological information of human body through mobile internet detection terminal, so as to give full play to the analysis and service efficiency of big medical data resources, enabling people with carry-on health records.

The mcloud, composed of “mobile internet detection terminals”, “mobile APP” and “mcloud exclusive platform”, can timely detect and master the important and basic physiological parameters of yourself and your family, including mobile blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, ear thermometer, ECG monitor, fetal monitor, blood glucose monitor, intelligent body fat scale, etc.

The mcloud mobile detection terminal products are easy to use and operate, whose detection results are accurate and data analysis is professional and reliable. The mcloud mobile health series products are good equipment for implementing the new medical reform policies and guidelines of the state (prevention first, priority to early intervention), can save the basic detection costs in hospitals and thus be convenient for the public demand of basic health detection. The huge mcloud data storage system enables the Chinese people to have the ability to have their own personal health records. We believe that the mcloud mobile health series products will be the necessary health articles for daily use for all Chinese families in the near future.


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